12 Best Places To Buy Windows 10 Keys (Windows 11 Included)

Windows 10 is undoubtedly one of Microsoft’s best OSs yet. It is stable and comes with a host of new features like Windows Hello, Dark Mode, and advanced security. To access these features, you’ll need to activate your Windows 10, meaning a product key will be necessary, so where are the best places to buy Windows 10 Keys?

The best place to buy Windows 10 keys is through the official Microsoft website. However, you can also buy from trusted websites like eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Newegg, KeysOff, and Kinguin. Don’t forget to check user reviews before buying a Windows 10 key online!

If you’re still reading, you might want to activate your Windows 10 and make the most of the OS.

Luckily, we’ve got you covered.

Best Places to Buy Windows 10 Keys

Best places to buy Windows 10 keys.


Microsoft is hands down the best place to buy Windows 10 keys. Purchasing product keys from the official website gives you the peace of mind that you’re buying a perfectly legal product that won’t have any issues in the future. 

While the Microsoft website doesn’t allow you to purchase a product key independently, you can still acquire a product key by buying the different Windows 10 packages.

Windows 10 Home is best for household and personal use and is licensed for one PC. Windows 10 Pro is perfect for small businesses and users needing enhanced functionality, while Windows 10 Pro for Workstations, as the name suggests, is perfect for advanced users and businesses. 

Investing in any of the above products will give you a product key that you can find in the email (confirmation) sent after purchasing Windows.

Or, you can find the product key in the packaging box your OS came in. 

Digital Product Key

Digital Product Key is among the few trusted websites that deal with product keys.

The website sells various digital products and software, including operating systems, office suites, packs, antiviruses, security software, and graphic design products.  

You’ll also likely find Windows 10 products at a lower price when buying from Digital Product Key.

However, the good thing is that Digital Product Key deals with legitimate products, meaning you won’t suffer any losses when purchasing directly from the site. 

Another great feature of Digital Product Key is its live customer chat function and phone support.

The active support means you can track your order or make any inquiries about Windows 10 product keys without waiting ages to get a response.

The site also has a software blog that helps users learn a thing or two about making the most of their devices and software. 


Amazon is also a great place to buy Windows 10 or 11 keys. All you’ll need is to head to the site and search for Windows 10 or 11 Home.

You’ll spot several products sold by the official Windows store. However, to avoid making a wrong purchase, paying close attention to the product and its features is crucial. 

Amazon allows you to buy Microsoft Windows 10 Home as a DVD or USB that’ll ship to your location. Unfortunately, finding just the digital download copy of Windows 10 Home these days seems challenging.

It is similar in comparison when considering Windows 11 Home. The main difference is that a USB version or digital download are obtainable and popular choices.

According to Amazon reviews, the USB version is much easier to install than the DVD version.

Just because Amazon is a trusted e-commerce site doesn’t mean you let your guard down when buying products on the platform.

Pay close attention when purchasing software like Windows 10 to ensure you buy from trustworthy sellers. 

And since some software can have identical names and titles, don’t forget to check the name closely to ensure you don’t walk away with the wrong software!


Are you looking to buy Windows 10 Keys on a budget? If so, consider trying Kinguin for Windows 10 and 11 Home product keys.

Kinguin is a marketplace where you can find software, game keys, time cards, and Windows keys at relatively discounted prices. 

Point to note, though: Kinguin isn’t the main seller. Instead, when buying from Kinguin, you’ll deal with the owners or people willing to sell their keys.

Working with independent merchants on a reasonably controversial marketplace can prove risky, especially if you don’t have any experience buying Windows 10 keys online. 

When buying Windows 10 keys from Kinguin, go for the highest-rated merchants. Past and present clients will rate sellers on the platform, helping to increase the site’s overall trustworthiness.

Instead of going for the sellers with the cheapest products, go for positive reviews from satisfied clients. 

To reduce the risk of purchasing products and software that don’t work, Kinguin allows its clients to join the Kinguin Buyer Protection program, ensuring you get a refund for shady business. 

Most clients appear satisfied with buying Windows 10 keys from Kinguin. However, the reviews shouldn’t divert your attention from the bigger picture: buying from a trusted source.

Disclaimer: Kinguin services are restricted in some locations. Verify that you can activate the software or keys from your country before buying!


It’s hard to talk about online marketplaces for PC components and software without mentioning Newegg.

In 2001, Newegg established itself as one of the best tech-focused e-retailers in North America and worldwide.  

Newegg sells Microsoft products like Windows 10 Home at relatively lower prices than you’d find on the official Microsoft website.

The site regularly updates its prices, allowing customers to buy software and PC parts at considerably low prices. 

While the price cuts won’t be as significant as when buying from marketplaces like Kinguin, Newegg allows clients to reduce costs through discounts and promo codes.

Newegg also offers free shipping to clients in the US, which can cut your costs even further.

You’ll receive the activation key upon purchasing the product. The code will usually be super tiny and strategically located under the ‘scratch off’ sticker.

You can easily scratch off the product key on your package, so it’s best to scratch slowly and carefully. 


You can also buy Windows 10 Home or Pro on the Walmart website.

One advantage of buying at Walmart is you’ll be eligible for free shipping, and you can buy the product at slightly lower prices than buying directly from Microsoft. 

You’ll find the key on the Windows 10 product package based on client reviews. Remember to scratch gently to reveal the code.

Walmart also gives you access to a host of other genuine Windows products, making it a great option if you want to buy legit Windows 10 keys without paying the full price on the Microsoft website. 


If you want to buy Windows 10 keys at the lowest possible prices, perhaps you should give Keysoff a shot. The site deals with PC software, Steam, Origin, Battle.net, and Epic games.

You can also find amazing product key deals on the site, especially during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

Keysoff promises to deliver product keys to clients via email within 24 hours. The keys are valid for 32-bit and 64-bit versions but won’t work for Mac. You can only use the key on one PC.

When buying from Keysoff, be sure to provide your correct email address. You might also need to check the junk mail or spam folder if the keys don’t appear in your normal inbox within a day.

Due to the insane price cuts, finding Windows 10 keys on Keysoff might prove challenging. 

The site has a positive rating on Trustpilot, meaning the chances of being conned from your hard-earned cash are low. However, some clients complain that the keys didn’t work for long.

So, when buying from the site, be prepared that the product key might or might not work as expected. 


Buykeys.com is among the few stores that deal exclusively with digital products. As such, you can get various product keys for games and software, including operating systems, antivirus, and office suites. 

One advantage of buying Windows 10 keys at Buykeys.com is the fairly low prices. The keys are legitimate and affordable, making the online store a great option for buying on a budget. 

Buykeys.com also has positive reviews on Trustpilot, meaning investing your hard-earned cash in a safe marketplace.

Another advantage of buying on the website is its impressively fast customer support team, committed to helping clients resolve any pending issues. 

Buykeys.com usually offers discounts on its products to attract clients, allowing you to purchase digital products like Windows 10 keys at affordable prices. 


RoyalCDKeys is a software marketplace that allows clients to purchase software and game keys at significantly subsidized prices.

While the prices are unbelievably affordable, the site has maintained a positive reputation as a trusted dealer. 

The license keys sold on the site won’t work when looking to upgrade Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Pro. RoyalCDKeys also has positive reviews on Trustpilot, implying it usually sells legitimate products. 

As with most third-party software providers, Microsoft doesn’t recognize the RoyalCDKeys as a Windows 10 genuine merchant.

That means you’ll be on your own if the keys fail to work or become dysfunctional over time.

The good thing with RoyalCDKeys is they’re responsive, especially when contacted by clients about complications or dysfunctional keys. 


Microcenter is another legitimate online store for your PC to purchase legitimate Windows 10.

The website exclusively deals with tech, computer, and software-related products, making it a great place to hunt for affordable Windows 10 Home or Pro product keys. 

Like other genuine Microsoft merchants, you’ll get your Windows 10 keys on your packaging.

So, scratch gently to avoid removing the tiny product key figures. Microcenter allows clients to purchase a maximum of ten keys per household, which is a great way to limit further reselling. 


For one of the cheapest options in volume licensing, URcdKeys can be an option. These keys are obtained by other countries where Microsoft sells keys at a reduced rate to help boost sales and maintain the operating system’s popularity.

So, it is one of those situations where you’re not going through official channels directly, but you can still save money by buying a key from a third-party supplier.

One major thing to point out is that there are many unhappy reviews. Ranging from keys that didn’t work to poor customer service for refunds makes the whole situation a little untrustworthy and makes me question why there is such disparity.

Some tech reviewers claim the product and service to be great, yet with so many poor reviews, you wonder if it’s worth it.

If you are willing to take the risk, URcdKeys may be an option, especially if you plan to buy more than one key to save that extra cash.

Just remember that the initial activation may work fine but could be deactivated later. It’s always the risk you take when purchasing volume-licensed product keys.

On the Hub

On the Hub has partnered with hundreds of schools, universities, and colleges from various countries to make Microsoft products and other products available to students.

However, only students with valid school IDs and institution email addresses are eligible for the discounts on the site. 

To make the most of the offers on the site, you’ll first need to key in your country, state or province, and school.

This information will allow the system to determine the deals and offers you’re eligible for based on your school’s agreement with On The Hub. 

Although not suitable for everyone, On The Hub is an excellent website for students looking to purchase or get Windows 10 keys for free.

If you’re a student, you might want to consider trying out On The Hub if your institution is registered as an academic partner.

Best websites to buy Windows 10 keys

With so many online vendors, buying legitimate Windows 10 keys can prove daunting. There’s the risk of buying previously used keys or those purchased by fraudulent means.

As a result, it’s crucial to do your due diligence before settling for a particular merchant. 

The official Microsoft website is the best (and safest) place to buy Windows 10 keys. Buying from the official site means receiving genuine and brand-new Windows 10 keys.

Moreover, you can easily contact Microsoft support in case of any issues. 

There’s also tons of information on the Microsoft website that can be useful when buying Windows 10 and other software. 

However, buying from the official Microsoft store might not be ideal for people looking to activate Windows on a budget.

This is where third-party sellers like Amazon, Newegg, and Microcenter come in.

These websites usually sell Windows 10 at slightly lower prices than Microsoft.

The best part about dealing with trusted sellers is they sell genuine Windows, recognized by Microsoft as legitimate sellers. 

However, if you want to save as much cash as possible, you might try third-party merchants on marketplaces like Kinguin, Keysoff, and RoyalCdkeys.

While you might find Windows 10 listed at unbelievably low prices, the chances of buying used or illegally acquired keys are high.

So, you’ll need to examine the seller’s profile and check customer reviews to determine whether to buy the cheap keys. 

FAQs About Windows 10 keys

Should I Activate Windows 10?

Using a free Windows 10 comes with its limitations. Users can’t access features like Windows Hello, Focus Assist, and dark mode with the free version.

Additionally, freemium versions have limited customization options.

While it’s unnecessary to activate Windows 10, it will give you access to advanced features, making a considerable difference for professionals. 

Not all cheap Windows 10 product keys are illegal.

Most cheap Windows 10 keys are sold to organizations at discounted prices, which reduces their overall cost when sold to third parties.

However, some cheaply sold keys, such as credit card fraud, are obtained illegally. 

As a result, only buy cheap Windows 10 keys from trusted dealers. Buying an illegal product key means you’ll incur losses later if Microsoft flags your activation key as illegal. 

What Happens if I Buy Illegal Windows 10 Keys?

Although illegally acquired Windows 10 keys might work for a while, chances are they’ll stop working once Microsoft catches up.

That means you’ll have to purchase the keys again if you want to activate Windows 10, which can be frustrating, especially if you paid top dollar.

Some cheap keys come packed with malware, which highlights the need to do your due diligence before buying from an online merchant. 

Wrapping Up

As we’ve established throughout the article, you can easily buy Windows 10 keys from various websites.

One of the best places to buy Windows 10 keys is from the official Microsoft website. It is highly recommended as it guarantees a genuine, never-used product.

However, you can buy Windows 10 keys from third-party sellers, usually a few dollars cheaper than Microsoft.

Remember to practice caution when buying from merchants selling at meager prices, as they will likely be used or obtained illegally.

Checking a seller’s profile and customer reviews is a sure way to confirm legitimacy.