We are a small group of passionate riders and business-minded people who believe business success comes from working with people and not on the backs of people. We started, under a different name, with a focus on branding, product development, and athlete/team management for HT Components. As the HT brand gained attention, and the product evolved, we were asked where dealers and consumers could buy the product. At that moment, BikeFettish was born, literally out of a storage unit. We rented some space and began to teach ourselves how to be a distributor.

We have come a long way from those days! We now have two locations in Temecula, CA and Clayton, GA, work with seven brands and have quite a few more staff (or we like to say… family members). However, we continue to maintain our basic business structure that started the whole thing. We only distribute brands and products that we are intimately involved in the design, marketing, and development on a global scale. We do not add products to our mix just to have more options. We want to ensure we are providing a product that we ride, believe in, and will help increase the profitability of your business.

So, join the BikeFettish Family, and experience the difference!

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