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  • $12.90

    Bike Brush Kit


    Useful set of brushes for your bikes.

    • A set of 3 different brushes for cleaning the bike.
    • Great for your home workshop.
  • $13.90

    Joe’s Eco Bike Soap


    Bike and gear friendly soap

    • Safe to use with any surface, great for cleaning riding gear.
    • Efficiently removes grime and dirt, leaving a shiny coating on your bike.
    • It is so natural you can wash your hand with it.
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    Joe’s Eco Frame and Tire Shine


    Shiny protective coating for tires and frames of all bicycle.

    • Leave a shiny coating on frame and tire.
    • Repel mud and water from frame.
    • Extends tire life.
    • Perfect for renewing used bikes from tradeoff deals.
    • Makes future cleaning of bike easier.
    • Preserves tires and rubber parts.
    • Prevents cracking and aging, and makes old tires look new.
    • Safe to use with plastic, rubber, metal, and all painted surfaces.
    • Aerosol: High pressure and easy to use.
    • Spray Bottle: Environmentally friendly, VOC Free.
  • $15.90$119.00

    Joe’s Bio-Degreaser


    Spray & Rinse, water washable, heavy duty degreaser.

    • Water soluble.
    • Perfect for cleaning your bicycle drive-train: chains, derailleurs, cassettes, chain wheels and a wide range of sticky, greasy surfaces such us engine parts, tools, floor stains, machine part, etc.
    • Will not harm metal or cloth and most types of rubber and plastic.
    • Easy to use – spray and wash with water.