• Onza CITIUS, Skinwall

      Category: AM / Enduro
      Size: 27.5×2.40
      Weight: 950g
      ETRTO: 61-584
      Casing: FRC
      TPI: 60
      Bead: Kevlar/Foldable
      Rubber: RC2
      Durometer: 65a/55a

    • HT T1

      Pedal Weight (pair) 368 g
      Cleat Weight (pair) 64 g
      Size 68 x 83.5 x 16.8 mm
      Body Material aluminum extruded / CNC machined
      Spindle CNC machined cr-moly
      Pedal Bearings sealed bearings / IGUS bushings
      Cleat System X1E / X1 / X1F (HT exclusive system)
      Pins replaceable grip pins
      Options colors
    • Red Monkey Sports KEG

      Red Monkey Sports KEG
      475 ml
      Ships in packs of 200

    • Bike Brush Kit

      Useful set of brushes for your bikes.

      • A set of 3 different brushes for cleaning the bike.
      • Great for your home workshop.
    • HT M1 Ti

      M1 Clipless XC Pedals are HT’s elite level pedal. These pedals have been tested at World Cup and World Championship levels, in every condition imaginable and, are arguably one of the best XC/CX clipless pedal options available. They weigh in at a remarkable 252 g per pair. Are made from extruded CNC optimized aluminum for ultimate strength to weight ratio. They have world-class mud, snow and ice clearing. They are very easy to engage and disengage. They also offer the most adjustable dual tension clip-in mechanism on the market. The adjustable clip tension allows riders to fine-tune their pedals dependent upon course/trail conditions. Available in multiple colors!

      Note: If you use these pedals in conjunction with a street style shoe it is highly recommended to use the metal cleat shim that comes with the shoes or cleats. It will greatly improve the clip-in and release action.

      MSRP: $229.00

      Pedal Weight (pair) 252 g
      Cleat Weight (pair) 64 g
      Size 68 x 45 x 17 mm
      Body Material aluminum extruded / CNC machined
      Spindle CNC machined Titanium
      Pedal Bearings sealed bearings / IGUS bushings
      Cleat System X1E / X1 / X1F (HT exclusive system)
      Options colors
    • Onza Porcupine

      In the 1990s – the golden age of mountain bike sports – the former onza® team presented numerous innovative products to the bike community. Tire models such as the RIP, the DAVE, the RAIL, and of course the PORCUPINE were at the pinnacle of tire innovation in terms of grip and performance. After more than 30 years, it is time to revive the PORCUPINE’s legendary performance and achievements!

      After over three decades the legendary PORCUPINE is back and get’s a complete makeover while still keeping it’s unique look of the past. The tread pattern was updated for less rolling resistance and comes with a dual tread compound. The PORCUPINE is the ideal allrounder that works in every situation, no matter the conditions. It offers a very wide application field ranging from Tour, All Mountain or even E-Mountainbike use with our GRC casing technology.

      High grip
      The aggressive side knob shape paired with a soft 45a rubber (white version only available in single compound 60a) offers loads of traction in every situation.

      Low rolling resistance
      Due to it’s center knobs and their ramped shape, the PORCUPINE is rolling super smooth.

      Quick dirt shedding
      The open tread profile with moderate spaces results in a great self-cleaning ability.

      Class leading durability
      To keep you out riding on the trail instead of wrenching the workshop!

      MSRP: $69.99

    • Onza PREDA

      Weight: 205g
      ETRTO: 23-622
      Casing: NB2
      TPI: 120
      Bead: Kevlar / Foldable
      Rubber: DXT
      Durometer: 65a/55a

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