• Factor Saddle

      Factor x Smanie

      When Factor Components and Smanie team up the result is something you know you will want to ride. Embracing Factor’s heritage and the wild southern Appalachian mountain spirit the two brands created a saddle that reflects the core ideals of both brands. Based on the latest design and technology using the Smanie AT (All-Terrain) base the Factor saddle comes in two models, Crazy or Cash Black.

      Factor Saddle

      Does riding endless miles of single track or gravel roads sound like the best day on the bike? This short, off-road specific saddle has just enough padding and base flex to make this a go-to choice for your enduro bike, gravel bike or even your cross country bike. It has that first touch softness appeal, but doesn’t create hotspots on long rides. If you enjoy a medium riding posture, this saddle is for you.

      Soft First Touch, All Day Support

      The AT saddle utilizes a high-end EVA foam that allows the saddle to be thinner and lighter, but still gives it a soft first touch that inspires confidence you need to head out for those epic adventures. Most of the time a saddle that is too soft translates to hot-spots or discomfort on 3 hour plus rides, not the AT. The EVA foam used was designed specifically to resist deformation at 3 hours and beyond.


      It is at Smanie’s core to always be pushing the limits as to what we can do to make our saddles more environmentally friendly. We start by producing all of our products from recycled materials. That includes our covers, foam, bases, rails, and even our packaging.

      Modern Shape

      The AT is a modern saddle for a modern style of riding. It’s profile is thin enough to keep it looking like a saddle that belongs on any off-road bike, yet has enough EVA padding to dampen vibration and harsh trail features. The base features a cut-out to help increase base flexibility and reduce the pressure on the perineum area. The shape is short enough that getting behind the saddle while descending is easy, and the slope from front to back creates a clear hammock area that provides comfort and relief. AT is 252mm long by 142 mm wide – not too short and not too wide.

      • Length: 252mm
      • EVA foam
      • Cro-moly Rails
      • PP Shell
      • 282 g

      MSRP: $69.99- $79.99

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