Novatec Alpine 27.5

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High above the tree-line where only cold, hard rock survives BREATHES the soul of Alpine, our latest wheelset born to be king of the mountain. Alpine’s rugged yet nimble construction is able to descend lines that would leave a mountain goat stranded on the crags yet ascend WITH EASE when the work is done.

  • 23mm Inner Width
  • Tubeless Ready profile
  • 4-in-1 front hub easily converts from QR, 9mm, 15mm & 20mm axles
  • An all new wide parabolic rim cross section results in improved tire shaping while dissipating forces more evenly across the rim structure
  • Sleeved rim joint is stronger than a welded joint & does not heat damage the rim
  • A.B.G. fortified alloy cassette body resists damage from drive forces
  • Available in 27.5 & 29 rim diameters
  • DSN nipples
  • Weights: 1,680 grams/pair
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