Joe's No Flats
    • Joe’s Elite Racers Sealant

      Scientifically developed to meet the high demands of professional Mountain Bike racers.

      • Instantly seals punctures in the tread up to 6 mm.
      • Seals small slits faster and more permanently than any other sealant on the market.
      • For use in tubeless tires, tubular and inner-tubes.
      • For effective puncture resistance, add fresh sealant every 3-8 months.
      • Designed specifically for Tubeless Ready and converted to Tubeless tires.

      MSRP (per bottle):

      125 ml bottle: $9.90
      500 ml bottle: $19.90

    • Joe’s Eco Frame and Tire Shine

      Shiny protective coating for tires and frames of all bicycle.

      • Leave a shiny coating on frame and tire.
      • Repel mud and water from frame.
      • Extends tire life.
      • Perfect for renewing used bikes from tradeoff deals.
      • Makes future cleaning of bike easier.
      • Preserves tires and rubber parts.
      • Prevents cracking and aging, and makes old tires look new.
      • Safe to use with plastic, rubber, metal, and all painted surfaces.
      • Aerosol: High pressure and easy to use.
      • Spray Bottle: Environmentally friendly, VOC Free.

      MSRP (per bottle):

      500 ml bottle: $15.90

    • Joe’s Yellow E-Bike Lube

      Standard bicycle lube.

      • Suitable for all conditions – wet and dry.
      • Perfect solution for city, commute and E-bike.

      MSRP (per bottle):

      125 ml bottle: $5.95

    • Joe’s Self-Sealing Tube

      Each tube is pre-filled with our Joe’s Super Sealant.

      • High quality tubes.
      • Instantly stops punctures – up to 3 mm.
      • Long shelf life – up to 3 years.
      • No maintenance required, efficient up to 2 years.
      • Available in most popular sizes and valves.


      Road Tube (700×18-25C): $13.90
      MTB Tube AV (26×1.90-2.35): $11.90
      MTB Tube FV (26×1.90-2.35): $11.90
      MTB Tube AV (27.5×1.90-2.35): $12.90
      MTB Tube FV (27.5×1.90-2.35): $12.90
      MTB Tube AV (29×1.90-2.35): $13.90
      MTB Tube FV (29×1.90-2.35): $13.90

    • Tubeless Yellow Rim Tape

      High quality rim tape.

      • Non-Stretching – suits high pressure tires.
      • Designed to work with Joe’s sealants.

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