Joe's No Flats
    • Joe’s Valves – Bulk Packaging


      25 pair of tubeless French/Presta 32 mm valves (in jar):
      20 pair of tubeless French/Presta 48mm valves (in jar):

    • Joe’s Yellow E-Bike Lube

      Standard bicycle lube.

      • Suitable for all conditions – wet and dry.
      • Perfect solution for city, commute and E-bike.

      MSRP (per bottle):

      125 ml bottle: $5.95

    • Joe’s Yellow Gel

      Fiber gel sealant for tubes (not for tubeless system). Perfect for city, commute and E-Bike.

      • Suitable only for tubes.
      • Contains micro-fibers to prevent punctures in the tread up to 3 mm.
      • Unmatched longevity – lasts up to 3 years in the tube!
      • Long shelf life- up to 3 years.
      • Non-toxic, Long lasting and easy to install.
      • Easy to use spout fits into all valves.
      • For effective puncture resistance, add fresh sealant every 12 months.
      • If you get a puncture, always SPIN the wheel to distribute the sealant.

      MSRP (per bottle):

      240 ml bottle: $9.90
      5 L jerry can: $99.00

    • Tubeless Ready Kit

      All you need for Tubeless Ready Tires or Tubeless Ready wheels.

      • One kit is good for 2 mountain bike wheels.
      • The lightest tubeless kit.
      • Fit most 29″, 27.5″ & 26″ tubeless ready wheels
      • The kit comes with 32 mm tubeless presta valves and 25 mm rim tape.
    • Tubeless Yellow Rim Tape

      High quality rim tape.

      • Non-Stretching – suits high pressure tires.
      • Designed to work with Joe’s sealants.
    • Universal Tubeless Conversion Kit

      The revolutionary tubeless kit that converts any mountain bike wheel into tubeless.

      • One kit is good for 2 mountain bike wheels.
      • One size fits all.
      • Contain unique tear & fit rim strip.
      • Easily fits any rim width & size – 29″, 27.5″ & 26″.
      • The kit comes with tubeless presta valves and rim tape.

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