Rebuild Kit – EVO+

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Rebuild kit for EVO+ (2017 version~): AE03, AE05, ME03, ME05, ME02

For New EVO+ models with EVO+ logo on the pedal bodies

Caution: do not use EVO+ to rebuild old versions of AE or ME pedals

1mm Black Washer 2
Dust Seal (Blue) 2
IGUS 121410 DU Bushing 2
IGUS 060910 DU Bushing 2
O-Ring 2
0.4mm Black Washer 2
0.8mm Positioning Washer 2
Ware Springs 2
Unique Trust Bearings 2
End Cap 2
Self Locking Nut (L, R thread 2

MSRP: $18

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