N.Spire 136 – Narrow


An anatomically engineered saddle specifically with the off-road rider in mind; whether you compete among the world’s elite enduro racers on an international platform, if getting lost in your local mountain range is your thing, if you intend to slay your local CX series or grind out countless hours on gravel roads, our N.Spire saddle was designed for you. The N.Spire colorways allow you to find your style and match your saddle to your grips, pedals, decals, frame or even your kit. Used by Pro mountain bikers Polygon UR Team and KS-Kenda Women’s elite racer Jennifer Malik for Enduro and XC applications.

The Design:
N.Spire is based upon an optimal shape for comfort on long rides, while still providing a cut-out that protects riders from nerve damage. The cut-out is created by using varying layers and thicknesses of foam, strategically placed so that when they interact with soft-tissue nerve pressure is relieved. The end result, a saddle that delivers all-day comfort on the harshest of terrains.

The Science:
The N.Spire series was designed by pro MTB, CX racer and Bio-Medical Engineer, Ph.D., Jen Malik. She created one of the most scientifically advanced and anatomically correct saddles on the market. 40 CT scans, multiple pressure mapping studies, finite element modeling and nearly 500 different model variations later a saddle that nearly eliminates all pressure and hotspots was developed. The standards applied to this saddle’s design were so rigorous that they generally are only reserved for medical devices.

Riding Posture: Medium/Endurance

MSRP: $99.00

Shell Material Nylon+Fiberglass
Rail Material Chromoly
Cover Material Synthetic Leather
Padding Material eco+Light
Weight 224+/-5g
Dimensions (mm) 265×136 mm
Intended Use MTB Trail, MTB, XC, MTB Enduro, CX, Endurance
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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 8 × 4 in

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