• Vans Limited Edition Lock-On Grips (130MM)

      Two Southern California originals have teamed up to create a modern-day classic design. Featuring the classic Vans ® waffle sole pattern and constructed from ODI’s proprietary grip compounds for a consistent feel that provides exceptional control in all conditions. Available as part of the patented Lock-On Grip System for guaranteed slip-free performance and simple installation. For MTB, BMX, ATV and PWC applications


      • Limited Edition Gum Rubber with White etched clamps to resemble the classic shoe design

      MSRP: $29.95

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    • Onza Porcupine

      In the 1990s – the golden age of mountain bike sports – the former onza® team presented numerous innovative products to the bike community. Tire models such as the RIP, the DAVE, the RAIL, and of course the PORCUPINE were at the pinnacle of tire innovation in terms of grip and performance. After more than 30 years, it is time to revive the PORCUPINE’s legendary performance and achievements!

      After over three decades the legendary PORCUPINE is back and get’s a complete makeover while still keeping it’s unique look of the past. The tread pattern was updated for less rolling resistance and comes with a dual tread compound. The PORCUPINE is the ideal allrounder that works in every situation, no matter the conditions. It offers a very wide application field ranging from Tour, All Mountain or even E-Mountainbike use with our GRC casing technology.

      High grip
      The aggressive side knob shape paired with a soft 45a rubber (white version only available in single compound 60a) offers loads of traction in every situation.

      Low rolling resistance
      Due to it’s center knobs and their ramped shape, the PORCUPINE is rolling super smooth.

      Quick dirt shedding
      The open tread profile with moderate spaces results in a great self-cleaning ability.

      Class leading durability
      To keep you out riding on the trail instead of wrenching the workshop!

      MSRP: $69.99

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    • Joe’s Eco Bike Soap

      Bike and gear friendly soap

      • Safe to use with any surface, great for cleaning riding gear.
      • Efficiently removes grime and dirt, leaving a shiny coating on your bike.
      • It is so natural you can wash your hand with it.

      MSRP (per bottle):

      1 L bottle: $13.90
      5 L jerry can: $55.00

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    • 2.5mm Performance Road Bike Bar Tape

        • This ultra-lightweight (50g/set) bar tape is designed to provide the optimal combination of comfort and control.
        • The Tape is backed with a shock reducing foam that absorbs vibration while maintaining a thin profile.


      • Soft and Tacky Elastomeric Surface Layer
      • Package includes End Plugs and Finishing Tape
      • 30mm x 2,100mm
      • Available in 8 colors!

      MSRP: $24.95

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    • XD602SB-X12

      There is a wild spirit here in the southern Appalachian mountains, from the dense rhodo and laurel forest, to the rushing rivers, and fog covered valleys. This is the same spirit that inspired the bootleggers and moonshine runners to soup up old cars, and illegally run shine from the law through the dirt roads that litter this landscape. They knew these roads like the back of their hands, and knew exactly how much speed they could hold in every turn, in every condition. This spirit lives in mountain bikers who call this place home.

      The Factor 601 was designed to meet the demands of these riders. From the oversized alloy shell, EZO bearings, easy maintenance, and low friction coasting, these hubs are the perfect companion to a rip through trails you may or may not have permission to be on!

      MSRP: 299.99

      • Available in XD, Shimano, Shimano Microspline
      • Non-boost
      • 32H
      • 6 PAWL Freehub Body
      • 60 Tooth Ratchet Ring
      • 6-Bolt Disc
      • 32h or 28h
      • Alloy Shell
      • EZO Bearings
      • Laser-cut Logo, CNC’d Flanges
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    • Joe’s Valve


      2 Tubeless French/Presta valves 32mm: $15.90
      2 Tubeless French/Presta valves 48mm: $16.90
      2 Red Annodized Tubeless French/Presta valves 36mm: $27.90

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    • 3 mm Elite Bar Tape

      Smanie bar tape is 3mm thick. It is designed to soak up gravel and road vibrations from the harshest of roads to provide ultimate comfort. It is super tacky, so rain or mud won’t make your bars slippery and it is ultra-durable, so when you are out shredding it won’t tear on the first time you hit the deck. It comes in classic colors, white or black.

      So get out there and explore and know your grip will never be compromised in any condition. #smanieexplorersclub

      Smanie bar tape is perfect for gravel grinding, cyclocross and road applications.

      MSRP: $36.00

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    • X1E Cleat

      Features HT PRO cleat system
      Cleat Weight (pair) 64 g
      Body Material Steel
      Cleat System HT exclusive system / 4° lateral floating / multi-release cleats allowing your shoe to be disengaged by rolling or twisting the foot in any direction.
      For use with T1, M1 and GT1 pedals (non-SX).

      MSRP: $18

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    • Joe’s Eco-Nano Lube

      Highest efficiency & Environmental Friendly.

      • The Eurobike 2012 award winning Eco-Nano lube is the only lube that combines Nano technology with Eco based materials.
      • It will dramatically decrease the need for re-lubing between rides.
      • Delivers a smoother and longer ride.
      • Coats the chain with a thin layer of PTFE.
      • Contains unique Nano-particles for superior friction reduction.
      • Water based – Eco friendly.
      • VOC Free.

      For WET conditions:

      • Good penetration, good metal adhesion with superior water and mud resistance for long lasting in extreme conditions.
      • Keeps chain cleaner compared to other wet condition lubes.

      For DRY conditions:

      • Leaves drive-train parts dry, dust and dirt free.
      • Prevents chain suction.
      • Keeps chain cleaner compared to other lubes.
      • Slow penetration.
      • No greasy build up on chain and pulleys.
      • Leaves white and clean chain.
      • Repel dust.

      MSRP (per bottle):

      Dry Conditions 30 ml bottle: $5.50
      Dry Conditions 125 ml bottle: $10.90
      Wet Conditions 30 ml bottle: $5.50
      Wet Conditions 125 ml bottle: $10.90

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    • Tubeless Ready Kit

      All you need for Tubeless Ready Tires or Tubeless Ready wheels.

      • One kit is good for 2 mountain bike wheels.
      • The lightest tubeless kit.
      • Fit most 29″, 27.5″ & 26″ tubeless ready wheels
      • The kit comes with 32 mm tubeless presta valves and 25 mm rim tape.
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    • 3.5mm Performance Road Bike Bar Tape

        • Designed to provide the ultimate in control and shock absorption.
        • This Tape features a unique 3-Ply construction with two shock absorbing layers each with a different density and an extra-tacky surface layer.
        • This unique design reduces vibrations transferred to the hands while also offering exceptional grip.


      • Soft and Tacky Elastomeric Surface Layer
      • Package includes End Plugs and Finishing Tape
      • 30mm x 2,100mm
      • Lightweight & Washable
      • Available in 4 colors!

      MSRP: $26.95

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    • Aluminum End Plugs

      Protect your bars and grips with ODI Aluminum End Plugs. Constructed of sturdy 6061 aluminum, these plugs are designed to take the brunt of whatever you can throw at them. Available in anodized black or silver.


      • Sturdy 6061 Aluminum
      • Fits most sized bars
      • Triple-Core Design Holds Plugs Inside Bars
      • Sold in pairs

      MSRP: $17.95

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